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2013 Pet Photography Competition Winners

19 September 2013

2013 Photographic Competition – Judged at the Cat Extravaganza on 7/9/13 by Mr Michael Clarke

Class 1 – Best black or black & white cat.

1st – Christine Chapman with Chuck

2nd – Charlotte Cook with Suey

3rd – Christine Chapman with Chalkie

Class 2 – Cats of any other colour.

1st – Jane Rainford with Ronnie

2nd – Katie Ostick with Tabby Kitten

3rd – Jane Rainford with Millie

Overall Winner of Classes 1 and 2 – Jane Rainford with Ronnie.

Class 3 – Two's company.

1st – Gordon Hunter with Izzy and Skye the barn owl.

2nd – Celia Plant with Larry & Bill

3rd – Christine Chapman with Chalkie Chuck and Barry Lambert

Class 4 – Any other pet

1st - Becky Park with George the rabbit

2nd - Pauline Barrett with Oscar

3rd – Heather Booth with Dinah the horse.

Overall winner Class 3 & 4 – Gordon Hunter with Izzy and Skye

Each class winner received £5 in cash. Each overall winner received an additional £10. Photography or pet businesses wishing to sponsor the 2014 competition in our 30th year are invited to contact Jeanette Greaves via the Branch.

Highly Commended certificates – chosen by Pauline Rose.

Linda Garthwaite with Susie

Sylvia Dowling with Tia

Margaret Whiteside with Honey

Alan Rose with Emma and Flossie.

The winning photographs will be uploaded to the website week beginning 23/9/13, and will be featured in the November, January and March newsletters.

Many thanks to Pauline Rose for organising and running the competition, and to Michael Clarke at Withy Grove vets for judging on the day.